jakob128Jakob Eg Larsen, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark
Dept of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Cognitive Systems Section
Building 321 Office 109
Office Phone +45 45 25 52 65
Visiting Scholar Stanford University

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Present Positions and Appointments

Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark
Co-founder and Head of Mobile Informatics & Personal Data Laboratory (milab)
Member of the M.Sc. in Digital Media Engineering program committee, DTU Compute
Co-founder and Head of the Quantified Self Copenhagen


My research interests include human machine interaction, augmenting human intellect, personal informatics, quantified self and self-tracking. I work on instruments and methods to augment humans in meaningful discoveries and decision making based on their own personal data from empirical methods.

Lists of publications:
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Contact Details

E-mail: jaeg [at] dtu [dot] dk
Website oaklab.org
Twitter @jakobeglarsen
LinkedIn jakobeglarsen
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