My 5 minutes as a Quantified Self “Rock Star”

I presented our Smartphone Brain Scanner at the first Quantified Self Conference in Europe. Since I believe in the eating your own dog food mantra I was wearing the neuroheadset and using the smartphone brain scanner while giving my short Ignite Talk.

If you thought giving an Ignite Talk was stressful (a 5 minute presentation accompanied by 20 slides each displayed for 15 seconds, and the slides automatically advance) then try giving a live demonstration of your research prototype meanwhile :-)

Feeling like a rock star was during the break after the presentation where I got to talk to so many interesting people from the quantified self community that were interested in our research.

Roskilde ’11 ArtistRecommender gets attention

artistrecommenderThe Roskilde ’11 ArtistRecommender app developed by a team of DTU students Erik Beuschau, Michael Lunøe and Rasmus Theodorsen, as part of the festival courses in the Roskilde Festival powered by DTU Students initiative is now formally promoted by Roskilde Festival.

Also Berlingske has an article discussing ‘Smart apps for Roskilde Festival’ mentioning the Roskilde ’11 ArtistRecommender app.

Roskilde ’11 ArtistRecommender available

artistrecommenderThe Roskilde ’11 ArtistRecommender mobile app for Android is now available in Android Market. The app is developed by a team of DTU students Erik Beuschau, Michael Lunøe and Rasmus Theodorsen, as part of the festival courses in the Roskilde Festival powered by DTU Students initiative.

The mobile app allow the user to browse the artists at Roskilde Festival 2011 and get personal recommendations based on music preferences. Download the app from Android Market.

New Scientist: Sensational festival music, from your cellphone

lydteknologi_logoSound quality at open-air concerts can be disappointing. Now a smartphone app promises to put an end to tinny vocals‘. An article “Sensational festival music, from your cellphone” in New Scientist issue 2800 p. 23 on Feb. 19, 2011 describes our recent work on Augmenting the sound experience at music festivals using mobile phones (the research paper is available at the ACM Portal).

The project is carried out by DTU InformaticsCrossOverGlobal, and Rhode & Schwarz and is aDanish Sound Technology Network’s innovation project. The scientific work was presented at the15th international conference on Intelligent user interfaces (IUI2011) by Jakob Eg Larsen and Arkadiusz Stopczynski, DTU Informatics, including the technical issues in augmenting the sound experience using mobile phones as well as results from experiments carried out at two concerts at the Nibe music festival.

Interview in Børsen

borsenI gave an interview to Børsen about the position of Apple on the mobile market. The focus was on the position of the iPad tablet device contrary other mobile devices. The tablet ‘form factor’ with the combination of hardware, software, and services has turned out to have gained a strong place in the market, as discussed in these articles in Børsen (in danish)

The mobile wizard controls the party

dtu_avisen_2010_08DTU Avisen no. 8, 2010 has an article (page 19) about one of our recent projects studying music listening patterns via mobile phones combined with contextual information obtained from embedded mobile phone sensors. The master’s thesis project was carried out by Nima Zandi and Rasmus Handler in collaboration with Nokia Denmark and explores the basis for combining media and context information in mobile user interfaces for next-generation music player applications.