My research interests include Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Personal (Data) Science, Information Visualization, Personal Informatics / Quantified Self – see my list of publications.

Ongoing PhD Projects

  • Tiberiu‐Ioan Szatmari: Personalizing audiology by learning behavioral graphs based on user centred AI (2020-2024) – in collaboration with Eriksholm Research Center at Oticon.


Selected Previous Projects

  • Motivating, monitoring, and maintaining physical activity using smartphones – modeling of behavior based acquired sensor data. I’m working with a.o. Professor Bente Merete Stallknecht from University of Copenhagen on this project that is part of a research collaboration between DTU and University of Copenhagen. The project is supported by TrygFonden
  • Eye Tracking for Mobile Devices – use of eye tracking for human computer interaction with mobile devices. The project is a collaboration between DTUITULEGOSerious Games, and The Eye Tribe and is supported by the The Danish Advanced Technology Foundation
  • SensibleDTU – mobile sensing on a large scale to study social networks and aspects of quantified self / personal informatics. I’m working with Associate Professor Sune Lehmann on this project
  • Neuro 24/7 – Neurotechnology for 24/7 mental state monitoring. In this project we investigate tools for long term monitoring of brain activity based on comfortable wearable (EEG) sensing devices combined with personal data collected with smartphones. PI on the project is Professor Lars Kai Hansen
  • Smartphone Brain Scanner – consists of a low-cost 14-channel neuro headset with a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet, enabling minimally invasive EEG monitoring in natural settings. The project was carried out in the Cognitive Systems Section and is open source
  • Bluetooth sensing – sensing frameworks for the acquisition of spatio-temporal data about participant mobility and interactions at large-scale events
  • Augmented sound for large-scale events – using mobile phones to augment the participants’ sound experience at large-scale events, such as concerts. Innovation project with Danish Sound Technology Network
  • Mobile Context Toolbox – an open framework utilizing sensors and application data on mobile phones in order to enable rapid prototyping of mobile sensing and context-aware mobile applications
  • MuZeeker – a search engine with domain knowledge based on Wikipedia