Mobile phones prevent amputations

dynamo15_forsideIn the DTU Magazine DYNAMO November 2008 issue no. 15 the theme is Life Sciences. The magazine has an article (in danish) about a mobile application enabling efficient remote treatment of ulcer patients.

As a result of the mobile application the number of amputations dropped by almost a quarter, treatment is better and faster, and the local authorities are saving money. The initial mobile application prototype was developed by a student at DTU Informatics during a course in mobile application development.

Cell phones save the limbs of ulcer patients

madsviumasbjoern“Thanks to remote treatment via cell phones, the number of amputations in ulcer patients has dropped by almost a quarter at South Jutland Hospital. Meanwhile, the local authorities are saving money, and treatment is faster”

DTU Avisen no.7 2008 has an article (Section 1, p.14 and Section 2, p.2) about this amazing mobile application, which was done by Mads Vium Asbjørn. He was a student at DTU and implemented the application for the company Dansk Telemedicin while carrying out projects on mobile application development in my course at DTU Informatics. Mads did his master’s thesis project on Secure integration of mobile phones and payment cards with focus on VoIP in milab.

Some Top Widgets For Your Consideration…

MuZeeker Widget main screenRafe Blandford and Ewan Spence from All About Symbian have made a review of the ‘Top Widgets For Your Consideration’. Our MuZeeker widget is among the ones that they mention:

“Short of having a great big splash graphic that says “Don’t Panic”, MuZeeker is the closest you’ll get to the Hitch-Hikers Guide To Music. A search engine for music, which presents its information in a collapsed tree of information to be expanded out and then passed links to find out more, typically via Wikipedia and YouTube.”