Experiments with mobile apps at Roskilde Festival 2012

roskilde_2012This year at Roskilde Festival we are running a set of experiments by having festival participants using cool apps that have been developed by students in our lab:

  • Orange Fever – a massive social game where you infect others using Bluetooth and spread the ‘Orange Fever’
  • Hide and Seek – a game about meeting new people at Roskilde Festival by means of your smartphone
  • Roskilde Decibel – the app will collect ambient noise level showing the user the level of noise exposure s/he has been exposed to
  • MusicNerd – navigate between concerts in a tightly packed music schedule at Roskilde Festival 2012
  • SoundRate – rate your music preferences and experiences and provide useful feedback
  • ArtistRecommender – browse the artists at Roskilde Festival 2012 and get personal recommendations

All apps can be downloaded from Google Play.