More festival apps – Roskilde Festival 2014

Like previous years current and former DTU Compute students have created mobile apps for Roskilde Festival as part of the partnership between DTU and Roskilde Festival and our research activities. The apps this year include:

Roskilde Explorer
The app lets you know, what the festival has to offer right here, right now.

exp_roskilde1   exp_roskilde2

Roskilde Festival Music Suggest
The app has been the Official Roskilde Labs app contest winner in 2013 and 2014. It help guests at Roskilde Festival explore artists playing at the festival and provide suggestions based on sources including Facebook, iTunes, and


Roskilde Decibel 2014 
The app allows you to visualize and track how much noise you are exposed to. You can get immediate measurement of the current sound level in decibel and noise levels directly on the Roskilde map. You can get achievements too by measuring sound levels around Roskilde’s stages or at specific times of the day.