Pervasive Health 2017

I participated in the Pervasive Health 2017 conference (11th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare) and the workshop on Leveraging Patient-Generated Data for Collaborative Decision Making in Healthcare. Here I presented our work on Fostering Bilateral Patient-Clinician Engagement in Active Self-Tracking of Subjective Experience

World of Health IT

I got invited to give a talk on my research in quantified self as part of the World of Health IT Conference at the mHealth Symposium.

WoHITInterestingly the conversation recently have moved more towards discussing the potential of self-tracking in healthcare. And sure enough the conversation during the Q&A session was primarily focused on the potential and the consequences for the healthcare system (and patient) in the future. Some addressed this as a question of power and who has the upper hand (doctors and the system losing power), but I believe it’s not productive for the conversation to see it that way. Of course the stakeholders will eventually need to change their roles, but improved tools will be beneficial for all stakeholders. The conversation continues…